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Deal puts Skype value at $2.75B

Sep 1, 2009
Online phone program Skype have been valued at $2.75 billion by a private investment group. Bill Radke goes over the eBay deal with Peter Kafka from All Things Digital, who says this looks like a pretty good deal.
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eBay relieving itself of Skype

Sep 1, 2009
Online retailer eBay has apparently come to an agreement to sell its Internet phone company Skype to a group of private equity firms and other investors. Stephen Beard reports why this sale comes at a surprising time.
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Site shows donations, lawmakers' votes

Aug 26, 2009
Do political contributions affect how lawmakers vote? A new online tool allows users to draw their own conclusions by putting donations from interest groups up against a calendar of Capitol Hill legislators' votes. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Peering into the world of credit hackers

Aug 21, 2009
Ever wonder how hackers do it? Break into your private credit card accounts, spending money on your dime? Marketplace blogger Scott Jagow takes a closer look at a hacker's world.
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Conference lifts social media ban

Aug 18, 2009
The NCAA's Southeastern Conference has reversed rules that would have barred ticketed fans from posting game updates on social media sites. The conference's concern is rooted in lucrative TV broadcast rights. Sam Eaton reports.
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Netbook sales bigger than expected

Aug 18, 2009
Netbook sales have more than doubled over the last year, accounting for one of every five laptops sold. And that's caught the computer industry by surprise. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Online competitors move in on shippers

Aug 14, 2009
Dropping home prices and a dismal job market mean more people are staying put and moving companies have fewer customers. Lenora Chu reports online competition is also giving traditional movers a headache.
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Where it pays to make it from scratch

Aug 7, 2009
Is it worth it to make your own butter? Jennifer Reese explores the most cost-effective approach to do-it-yourself food in her frugal-minded blog, The Tipsy Baker. Tess Vigeland paid her a visit and helped her make bagels.
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Will Murdoch end era of free content?

Aug 6, 2009
Rupert Murdoch is steering his media empire News Corp. towards charging for online content. But will it work? Kai Ryssdal talks with co-editor Staci Kramer about how she thinks Murdoch will implement his plan.
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AP clamps down on content pirates

Jul 24, 2009
The Associated Press is attempting to catch Web sites that post its stories without permission. It plans to embed tracking code in every article and charge fees to illicit users. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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