Foreign companies struggle in China

Jan 14, 2010
Whatever its censorship policies, China's legal protections for foreign companies are better than they used to be. But there are still many other obstacles to overcome, and China risks soiling its business reputation. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Google reconsiders approach in China

Jan 13, 2010
Google is rethinking whether it will do business in China in the face of cyber attacks aimed at some of its e-mail account holders. David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer, talks with Kai Ryssdal about the company's strategy going forward.
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Google warns it may leave China

Jan 13, 2010
Google is accusing Chinese hackers of attacking company servers and compromising Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. The search engine is threatening to leave the country. Scott Tong reports.
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Google searches for electricity trading

Jan 8, 2010
Google has applied for approval from federal regulators to buy and sell electricity. Is the Internet giant really going to compete with brick-and-mortar utilities? Jeff Tyler reports.
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Will markets follow slumping e-trading?

Jan 6, 2010
Analysts on Wall Street have raised concerns recently about a slowdown in online trading activity, and some market watchers worry other traders may follow suit. Bob Moon reports.
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The impact of Google's new phone

Jan 5, 2010
Miguel Helft, technology reporter for The New York Times, talks with Kai Ryssdal about what Google wants to achieve with its new phone and how it might affect the mobile ad market.
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Nexus One will be iPhone competitor

Dec 31, 2009
With features like a touchscreen, wi-fi Web access and apps galore, Google's Nexus One smart phone is in line to be a hard rival to Apple's iPhone. Mitchell Hartman explores why certain features may offer up the tough competition.
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Will outage put squeeze on Blackberry?

Dec 23, 2009
The second BlackBerry blackout in a week has left users of the usually reliable device with idle thumbs for several hours. Bob Moon reports the company needs to be careful with its reputation, to keep rivals at bay.
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Yahoo! takes holiday shutdown offline

Dec 23, 2009
Yahoo! has announced it is closing its offices between Christmas and New Year's. The Web site won't shut down, but the media giant's telling most of its workers to stay home next week. Why? Amy Scott reports.
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New cyber czar has tough job ahead

Dec 22, 2009
The White House has announced that Howard Schmidt, formerly of Microsoft and eBay, will be its new cybersecurity coordinator -- more than six months after President Obama said he was creating the position. Why so long to name Schmidt? John Dimsdale reports.
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