A slow media movement

Feb 15, 2010
Have Facebook friend requests, cell-phone messages, incessant emails and texts made it impossible to disconnect? Feel overwhelmed? Sally Herships reports on one solution.
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EBay in trouble over misspellings

Feb 12, 2010
A court in Paris has found eBay harmed the image of Louis Vuitton and must stop using the luxury brand's name to drive traffic to its Web site. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Will tape delay hurt Olympics?

Feb 11, 2010
NBC is showing some major events from the Vancouver Olympics hours after they've ended, even though the results will be all over the Internet. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Google to offer fast Internet broadband

Feb 10, 2010
Google says it's starting an experiment in which it will provide ultra-fast Internet service to a handful of communities. Amy Scott reports.
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Social buzz isn't what it once was

Feb 9, 2010
Word of mouth has long been one of the most effective ways for businesses to get their names out. But a new study finds the buzz generated in social circles isn't what it used to be. Jeff Tyler reports.
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What will NSA do with Google access?

Feb 5, 2010
Reports indicate Google is working with the National Security Agency to prevent major attacks like the one it suffered last month. Does giving the government access to our Google information put us at risk of a privacy breach? Bob Moon reports.
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A friend request from the U.S. gov't

Feb 4, 2010
The government is delving into social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to solve crimes and recruit soldiers. But it's not clear what guidelines government agencies have to follow. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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How Facebook can make more money

Feb 3, 2010
Analysts estimate Facebook earned $500 million in 2009. But with 175 million registered users logging on every day, the site can generate much more revenue. Rico Gagliano reports what the social networker might try to turn a bigger profit.
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Publisher gets tough on Amazon

Feb 1, 2010
Prior to the introduction of Apple's iPad, Amazon had a near-lock on setting prices for e-books. But Apple's entry into the market is making the online retail giant re-kindle its relationship with publishers. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Prepare for the age of the Splinternet

Jan 27, 2010
New products like Apple's iPad are changing the Internet in fundamental ways. Author Josh Bernoff talks with Kai Ryssdal about how the golden age of the Internet is over, and how the Web is shattering into pieces.
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