E.U. looks into Google's ranking system

Feb 24, 2010
The European Union has launched a preliminary inquiry into Google's search ranking system. Google's European competitors have egged the E.U. onto investigating the practices of the domineering search engine. Christopher Werth reports.
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Feb 24, 2010
A new retail Web site offers drugstore products without retail markup or shipping costs. With a business model so generous to consumers, how does the site make money? Kaomi Goetz has the story.
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I can has Internet empire?

Feb 23, 2010
What started as a cute site for funny cat pictures with captions became a string of sites designed to waste your time. And they're profitable. Bill Radke talks to Seattle entrepreneur Ben Huh of the Cheezburger Network.
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Cyber attack targets personal info

Feb 18, 2010
Computer security company Netwitness is reporting a major cyber attack affecting 75,000 machines worldwide and within 500 companies in the U.S. Steve Chiotakis gets the latest from Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson.
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Court to decide if Google library is legal

Feb 18, 2010
A hearing today in a New York courtroom will determine whether a controversial deal between Google and two big groups of authors and publishers should stand. Sarah Gardner explores why some feel copyright law may be in danger.
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Not everyone's interested in broadband

Feb 16, 2010
The Obama administration is spending billions to bring high-speed Internet access to every corner of the country. But the Commerce Department says not everyone wants it. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Plane wifi slowly approaching norm

Feb 16, 2010
Many air carriers have begun offering wireless Internet on their planes within the past year. But passengers still have a way to go before the technology and etiquette are a smooth ride. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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A slow media movement

Feb 15, 2010
Have Facebook friend requests, cell-phone messages, incessant emails and texts made it impossible to disconnect? Feel overwhelmed? Sally Herships reports on one solution.
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EBay in trouble over misspellings

Feb 12, 2010
A court in Paris has found eBay harmed the image of Louis Vuitton and must stop using the luxury brand's name to drive traffic to its Web site. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Will tape delay hurt Olympics?

Feb 11, 2010
NBC is showing some major events from the Vancouver Olympics hours after they've ended, even though the results will be all over the Internet. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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