Do Google ads really help generate biz?

May 25, 2010
Google released a report that says its advertising helped generate $54 billion of economic activity last year. Brett Neely reports there's more to that number than meets the eye.
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Facebook users angry over privacy

May 20, 2010
Facebook is expected to deliver a mea culpa of sorts as early as today. The social network has made a number of changes to its privacy policy -- allowing it to share users' information. Janet Babin reports it seems a lot of its users are waiting for an explanation.
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A social network for tots and 'tweens

May 19, 2010
Everyone, it seems, has a Facebook account, and thanks to a new site that just launched, even toddlers can get into the social-networking game. Eve Troeh reports.
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Venezuelan politics hot on the Internet

May 17, 2010
Venezuela's socialist government and its opponents are spending millions of dollars to win over Internet users, with President Hugo Chavez Twittering to over 234,000 fans. Reese Erlich reports.
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Why pay for MP3s, when you can P2P?

May 14, 2010
Marketplace's Joel Rose looks into why some still pay for music, when it is so easy to download free music with peer-to-peer technology.
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Facebook to take over location-based marketing

May 12, 2010
Location-based marketing is fast becoming a pivotal next step for the social media-aware business. And when Facebook unveils its new service, it'll be the biggest player in the market. Janet Babin reports.
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Reuters launches Web video news service

May 11, 2010
Thomson Reuters launches a new Web video news service today with a business focus. The service is subscription only, and subscribers can shoot, edit and upload their own takes on the global economy. Eve Troeh reports.
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Time to worry about Facebook's data?

May 10, 2010
Facebook recently launched its new "like" button, which lets you flag all kinds of preferences to share with friends. Commentator Farhad Manjoo explains how popularity will make these little buttons powerful.
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McDonald's to use location-based media

May 7, 2010
Location-based applications are where it's at today -- software for your smartphone that allows users to share where they are. The business opportunities have not gone unnoticed. Jeff Tyler explains.
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FCC's 'third way' to regulate broadband

May 6, 2010
The Federal Communications Commission reasserted its authority to regulate broadband access. That authority was questioned by a federal appeals court ruling last month. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports the FCC promises not to be heavy handed.
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