India's economy slows down

Aug 31, 2012
We got word from India this morning that the economy there is dragging. It grew at a rate of just 5.5 percent last quarter, which was the slowest pace in three years.
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India's 'Demographic Dividend' only good if there's growth

Aug 30, 2012
India has a much younger population than many developed countries, but this “demographic dividend” is a only a good thing when young people can find work.
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India announces plans to launch Mars orbiter in 2013

Aug 16, 2012
But after the recent massive power outages in the country, some Indians are concerned that the money should be invested in infrastructure instead.
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India more tolerant of power losses than China would be

Jul 31, 2012
Indian electricity bosses are less accountable than their Chinese counterparts even though India is a democracy and China a one-party state.
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What India must do to have a modern power grid

Jul 31, 2012
India needs many more generating plants to keep up with exploding demand for electricity, but the distribution system is so corrupt that investors are reluctant to put money in new plants.
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Power problems persist across India

Jul 31, 2012
In India, 600 million people lost power this morning. It's the second major blackout there in just two days.
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India experiences massive power outages

Jul 31, 2012
Today blackouts in northern India spread to the eastern states, affecting half of the country's 1.2 billion people. Many office buildings are running on generators; More than a hundred trains were stranded in the summertime heat.
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Indian factory experiences dangerous worker riots

Jul 20, 2012
Employee riots at India's largest car-maker -- Maruti -- have burned down part of the factory, shut down the plant and killed a human resources manager.
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Chinese exports help boost economy over India

Jul 18, 2012
It wasn't long ago that many thought India's growth rates could surpass those of its long-time rival, China. But China retains the upper hand in that relationship, thanks in part to its exports.
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Indian slum becomes hot property

Jun 5, 2012
In Mumbai, the square-mile area known as Dharavi has a million residents and myriad small businesses, but authorities plan to redevelop the slum.
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