Bush touts immigration policy at the border

Apr 9, 2007
President Bush visited Yuma, Ariz., today, calling attention to his administration's emphasis on controlling illegal immigration at the border and the workplace. Dan Grech reports.
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Breaking up immigration reform

Apr 9, 2007
President Bush is asking Congress for comprehensive immigration reform, but a sizable House caucus opposed to any form of amnesty wants to split up immigration issues and pass the less controversial measures.
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Filling the cheap labor void

Apr 9, 2007
Workplace raids have succeeded in scaring off illegal immigrant workers — but that's left many farms and businesses struggling to maintain production levels and Congress struggling to agree on a solution.
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Senators don't break for immigration

Apr 4, 2007
Most Congress members are enjoying spring recess this week, but 10 Senate leaders are working through the break to try to come to a compromise on immigration reform.
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Visa circus opens — and closes — today

Apr 2, 2007
Skilled foreign workers can apply for H-1B visas starting today, but they won't last long. Critics say the quota needs to be raised, but efforts to revamp the system keep getting caught up in the larger immigration debate.
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Immigration backlash in Texas

Mar 22, 2007
While Washington might be looking for compromise on immigration, the Texas Legislature is considering bills that aim to make life tougher for illegal immigrants. Michael May reports.
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Back and forth on immigration

Mar 22, 2007
A bipartisan measure to be unveiled in the House today calls for both increased border security and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants — but the Senate appears to be stalled on immigration and that could be a big boost for the status quo.
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Minutemen keep watch over founder

Mar 21, 2007
Jim Gilchrist was ousted by his own company's board for allegedly using a large portion of the Minuteman's funds to promote his own book. Today a California judge will decide who gets to lead the organization.
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Saca buddies up to Democrats

Feb 27, 2007
El Salvador's President Tony Saca is a strong ally of the Bush administration, but now he's trying to make friends with top Democrats and it has everything to do with immigration.
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Charging up the immigration debate

Feb 13, 2007
Bank of America is reportedly marketing credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers. The company launched the new program in 51 Los Angeles branches last week and hopes to take it national later this year.
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