Poll: 35% of Mexicans would move to U.S.

Jun 15, 2007
Not exactly shocking information given the wage disparities between the U.S. and our neighbor to the south. But, say researchers, that doesn't mean if borders were opened that a third of Mexicans would really leave. Dan Grech reports.
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Trying to get immigration bill moving again

Jun 13, 2007
The White House has dispatched Commerce Secy. Carlos Gutierrez to lobby businesses and Latino groups to get the immigration bill back on track. He tried out his sales pitch on Kai Ryssdal today.
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Taking the long way to America

Jun 13, 2007
Cuban migrants who actually set foot on American soil get to stay as refugees. Anybody caught at sea is sent home. So, many migrants no longer take a boat to Florida. Lygia Navarro reports on what they're doing now.
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Holding the immigration bill together... or not

Jun 7, 2007
The Senate's fragile bipartisan compromise on immigration is being tested by a series of proposed amendments, but the push and shove could come to an end soon. A vote may be forced as early as today, Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Immigration reform could hit us in the stomach

Jun 6, 2007
Employers in labor-intensive industries like agriculture are watching as Congress debates immigration reform. Changes in immigration laws could affect the food chain. Megan Larson reports.
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Legalizing immigrants would make things worse

Jun 6, 2007
Commentator David Frum says legalizing millions of would-be immigrants has some poor side effects . . . literally.
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Dunkin' Donuts finds holes in immigration program

Jun 6, 2007
The donut chain is suing franchisees across the country for not abiding by a federal pilot program on immigration reform that the company joined last year. Steve Henn reports.
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Before we let in the world's best and brightest . . .

Jun 6, 2007
Robert Reich says he's all for immigration, but he worries the immigration bill now pending in Congress is going to hurt qualified Americans looking for jobs, not to mention higher salaries.
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Families worry that border will become a divide

May 31, 2007
The immigration bill in Congress would give millions of illegal immigrants a path to lawful status but would leave their families behind. And, Joy Diaz reports, that worries a group of wives in southern Mexico.
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Highly-skilled immigrants still seen as a need

May 21, 2007
The new immigration bill being debated on Capitol Hill would give more weight to aspiring immigrants' education and skills. But many in the business world say it still won't deliver the workers they need. Steve Henn reports.
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