Immigration to U.S. slows to a trickle

Jul 22, 2009
Immigration from Mexico has slowed dramatically according to a new report out today from the Pew Hispanic Center. As Mitchell Hartman reports, the economy on both sides of the border is a major factor in the human ebb and flow.
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Activists see benefits in citizenship

Jun 25, 2009
President Obama will talk immigration today as activists call for citizenship for undocumented workers. Supporters say legalizing the 12 million or so workers could mean billions in economic benefits. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Migrants ride out recession stateside

Jun 15, 2009
With the U.S. in a deep recession, Mexico has been preparing for an influx of returning migrants. But there hasn't been one. Dan Grech reports many Mexican migrants still prefer to ride out the economic storm in the states.
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Swine flu yields bad news for farmers

May 26, 2009
Farmers in the Southeast are worried they won't have enough help from seasonal migrant workers due to fallout from the swine flu. Janet Babin reports.
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Mexican dream tied to American Dream

May 15, 2009
Mexico sends more immigrants to the United States than any other country. But stricter border enforcement and fewer jobs in the U.S. are tarnishing its allure. Former Mexican Foreign Secretary Jorge Castaneda talks with Bill Radke about the consequences.
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Immigration likely to follow economy

May 15, 2009
Stricter border enforcement and fewer jobs are tarnishing the allure of the U.S. for Latin American immigrants. Princeton sociology professor Douglas Massey talks with Steve Chiotakis about the possible consequences of this shift in the American economy.
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Immigration policy to target employers

May 1, 2009
The Obama administration is shifting its policy on immigration enforcement. Instead of focusing on undocumented workers, officials will put their attention on employers. Dan Grech reports.
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America's loss is world's gain?

Mar 2, 2009
A new research paper suggests immigrants are leaving the US to return to their home countries -- mainly because of the job market rather than...
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He's successful -- and undocumented

Dec 17, 2008
A small businessman who runs a car repair shop in Minneapolis is doing rather well these days, as customers try to extend the lives of their beaters. But he has a big obstacle to success -- he's an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Stephen Smith reports.
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French firms turn to poor areas for help

Nov 24, 2008
France's largely immigrant suburbs have long faced high unemployment, in some areas at double the national average. But large companies have now begun recruiting from these neighborhoods because it's good for business. Anita Elash report.
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