Separation barriers in the world

Feb 15, 2011
Greece. Iraq. South Korea. Those are just some of the countries that have man-made separation barriers, places to prevent the flow of people and goods. Why? Take a listen...
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Greece may build fence to stop illegal immigrants

Feb 15, 2011
Greece is the back door into Europe for 90 percent of illegal immigrants. Now it wants to close its border with a seven-mile fence at a critical crossroads.
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Mexicans working legally in the U.S. face challenges

Feb 14, 2011
Over 150,000 Mexicans come to the U.S. to work legal, temporary jobs each year. Hear how the guest worker system looks from the other side of the border.
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U.K.: Wealthy immigrants wanted

Feb 7, 2011
British Prime Minister David Cameron's new immigration rules could cap the number of people from outside Europe who can settle in the country, but the Financial Times newspaper reports the rules could also create a fast track for wealthy immigrants to move to the U.K. Christopher Werth has more.
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Latin American workers return home

Jan 31, 2011
The global economic crisis dried up jobs in the U.S. and Europe, forcing many Latin American workers to return to their home countries.
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Nonprofit center helps immigrants build business

Jan 21, 2011
Plaza Adelante in San Francisco has become a nonprofit hub that's helping the surrounding Latino neighborhood create and build their small businesses.
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More Turks leaving Germany than coming in

Jan 6, 2011
More Turkish Germans are heading back to their home country -- motivated by factors like better job opportunities in Turkey and not wanting to feel like a foreigner.
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What the census says about the U.S.

Dec 21, 2010
The official numbers from the 2010 U.S. Census were released today. Mitchell Hartman takes a look at what the results say about the U.S. as a whole.
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Underground sensors could change border enforcement

Dec 17, 2010
Representatives of the U.S. and Mexican governments met this week to discuss border management issues. This in the same week that U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in a gunfight with bandits who target immigrants crossing the border into the U.S. But an innovation in fiber optic technology may change the way border security is conducted.
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The Supreme Court will hear arguments in an immigration case

Dec 8, 2010
The Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that's central to the debate over immigration. At issue is an Arizona law that punishes employers for knowingly hiring undocumented workers. Jeff Tyler has more.
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