The White House says 5.5 million fingerprint records have been stolen from the Office of Personnel Management.

Stolen fingerprints put biometrics business at risk

Sep 24, 2015
Developers of new tech have an old problem: staying ahead of the bad guys.
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Anna Deavere Smith on storytelling in an era of identity politics and economics

Apr 23, 2012
Actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith discusses telling stories about the big, complicated social issues of our time -- from the L.A. Riots to health care.
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Getting Personal: Identity crisis

Feb 17, 2012
Tess talks with David Lazarus of the the Los Angeles Times about how to cope with possible identity theft, the tax implications of airmiles and handling your credit profile when collectors come calling.
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Salman Rushdie gets mad at Facebook, complains on Twitter, gets results

Nov 15, 2011
"Satanic Verses" author has some ID trouble
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