Home sales are hot in Kansas City

Jun 20, 2012
Manufacturing and employment numbers may be sagging, but the housing market is has really turned around in some places, Kansas City being one of them.
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The cost of fighting home foreclosure

Jun 20, 2012
As foreclosure filings start to rise again, homeowners must balance the costs -- financial and emotional -- of fighting eviction.
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Housing market improving, slightly

Jun 19, 2012
Home sales are increasing in some parts of the country, but the housing market is still below normal.
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British beach shack sells for $270,000

Jun 19, 2012
This might be a hard story for you to hear if your house has lost value in the last few years. But there are some places where the housing market is still pretty overheated -- like a small corner of England, where a tiny beach shack just sold for $270,000.
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A mixed picture in housing

Jun 19, 2012
The latest news in the housing market: New home construction fell last month, but building permits were up to their highest level since 2008.
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Mayor of Stockton tries to avoid city bankruptcy

Jun 5, 2012
The city of Stockton, California, population 291,000 is trying to avoid becoming the biggest U.S. city to go bankrupt during this economic downturn.
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The housing bust as seen through the planned community

Jun 1, 2012
Photographer Amanda Dahlgren discusses her pictures of the real estate crash in master-planned communities in San Diego.
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Banks warm to short sales for strapped homeowners

May 31, 2012
Pre-foreclosure sales are offering more relief in the tough housing market.
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Advocates fight for candidates to address foreclosures

May 31, 2012
Today housing advocacy groups from 22 cities and 17 states are launching a campaign to force the presidential candidates to address the specific topic of foreclosures.
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A majority of Americans believe home prices will rise

May 31, 2012
Gallup's Frank Newport reveals the data on what Americans think about home prices and the housing market.
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