What's helping the housing market bounce back?

Dec 7, 2012
Things are looking up in the housing market. People are starting to buy houses again. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low and there's lots of inventory. Or is there?
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Homeownership sparks economy in many ways

Dec 6, 2012
Home prices are up nationwide. The recent demand has been good for more than just realtors and lenders.
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Shining a light on the shadow inventory

Nov 27, 2012
The housing market looks better, but what about the so-called shadow inventory?
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What's behind the high fallout rate for mortgage contracts?

Nov 23, 2012
Some analysts believe home buyers' willingness to take out mortgages might be running ahead of banks' willingness to lend to them. But there are likely other factors at play.
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Explaining the FHA with help from Uncle Charlie

Nov 20, 2012
What is the Federal Housing Administration and how does it work? Uncle Charlie and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch explain.
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Whither the mortgage interest tax deduction?

Nov 16, 2012
Tweaks to homeowner deduction -- seen as cornerstone of American Dream -- could be part of 'cliff' deal.
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Another housing agency may need bailout

Nov 15, 2012
The Federal Housing Administration may need taxpayer money as delinquencies mount on loans it guaranteed for first-time home buyers.
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Redefining 'senior living' in Phoenix

Nov 2, 2012
More seniors in the Phoenix area are looking at spending their golden years in the city -- and developers are responding.
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Will new regulations crimp home loans?

Oct 25, 2012
Some fear stricter lending and mortgage standards could chill housing market.
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Is there a shadow over the good housing starts report?

Oct 17, 2012
The shadow inventory has faded, but some builders say higher costs are looming.
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