Collective home ownership on the rise

Aug 10, 2012
Your friends and you have been through a lot together -- but do you think you can buy a house with them?
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A positive sign: Profits for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Aug 8, 2012
Rising home prices contribute to profits for the bailed-out mortgage lenders. Higher home prices should help the real estate market and homebuyers, too.
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U.S. seeing signs of a housing rebound

Aug 8, 2012
Home prices are rising and the number of Americans behind on their mortgages has fallen to a three-year low -- all encouraging signs of a rebound in the housing market.
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Home prices up nationwide

Aug 8, 2012
Why the reason for the jump in home prices and has the housing market really rebounded?
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Late mortgage payments reach three year low

Aug 8, 2012
Today the credit rating agency Trans Union said late payments on mortgages have reached the lowest level in three years.
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Housing market has hit bottom, but will remain flat

Aug 2, 2012
Don't believe those real estate agents when they say the housing market's hit bottom and is going to rebound. The market is going to be flat for a long time to come.
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FHFA rejects White House plan for Fannie and Freddie

Aug 1, 2012
A federal housing regulator is rejecting a White House plan to help borrowers who are underwater on their mortgages. That means they owe more than their homes are worth and there are about 11 million people in that category. The Federal Housing Finance Agency said the potential benefits of cutting mortgage balances for those people don't outweigh the costs.
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City planners warm to 'accessory apartments'

Jul 30, 2012
But many frown on using extra space in single-family homes for housing.
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High-end buyers boost Florida condo market

Jul 24, 2012
Empty nesters with money to spend are fueling something of a boom in Florida's vacation home market.
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New home construction highest since 2008

Jul 18, 2012
But there's much further to go to return to a normal pace of home-building.
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