Hospitals innovate to keep patients from coming back

Apr 8, 2015
Health providers want to cut down on readmission rates.
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'Match Day' is a rite of passage for young doctors

Mar 20, 2015
Medical students found out Friday where they'll spend their residencies.
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Doctors face serious limitations in sharing patient information to improve patient health.

In world of health data, enemies may become friends

Mar 10, 2015
Sharing patient information is a key to improving patient health.
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How the cost of a drug impacts the placebo effect

Mar 3, 2015
A recent study suggests telling patients a drug is expensive enhances the effect.
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Anesthesiologist Rondall Lane walks the halls at the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Francisco.

How to shop for a hospital

Jan 28, 2015
You could turn to a hospital-rating company or mine these resources to make a decision.
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Nurse Dianne Wash takes a blood sample to check the glucose level of Keri Anderson, right.

Bidding for blood, the Priceline way

Jan 13, 2015
A Dallas company uses algorithms to streamline the process of buying blood.
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Ebola is scaring people away from ERs

Oct 6, 2014
If patients avoid the ER, it could mean big revenue losses for hospitals.
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Taking patient ‘happiness’ more seriously

Sep 26, 2014
Health care takes a page from the hospitality industry playbook.
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Healthkit is a symptom of tech's rush into health care

Aug 12, 2014
Apple is talking to hospitals about a cloud-based "health kit".
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Inside the economics of the delivery room

May 26, 2014
New guidelines for doctors urge fewer C-sections and more natural births.
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