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Despite wildfires, more homes built in forests

Jul 2, 2013
Why more and more homes are going up in the country’s most fire-prone areas.
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More areas becoming uninsurable due to volatile weather

Jun 25, 2013
A new report predicts rising sea levels and more volatile weather will make more beachfront areas uninsurable.
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The overlooked benefits of renters insurance

Nov 1, 2012
Insurance claims from Sandy will reach an estimated $15 billion. But many people will have to cover damage to their household possessions because they don't have renters insurance.
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Advocates say insurance costs strain homeowners

Oct 9, 2012
Gulf Coast insurance premiums have skyrocketed in recent years, and homeowners advocates say they're seeing people at risk of going into foreclosure because they can't afford their mortgage plus their insurance.
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Insured see climbing rates, as coverage declines

Sep 7, 2012
Consumer advocates say there's a trend in the home insurance industry to lower coverage in order to keep rates from increasing too much.
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When it comes to home insurance, read the fine print

Sep 7, 2012
Consumer advocates warn that some home insurers have been holding premiums steady by providing less coverage.
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