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As banks prepare for end of draw, consumers should too

Jul 1, 2014
HELOCs are coming due in the next two years - and the economy should take heed.
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Fewer homeowners drowning in mortgage debt

Jun 5, 2014
New data shows the number of American homeowners underwater continues to decline.
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Learning about reverse mortgages

Apr 12, 2012
It's worth learning about reverse mortgages. The homeowner gets access to their home equity without moving.
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The benefits of downsizing a home

Mar 30, 2012
Three years ago -- fresh out of grad school, with new jobs and lots of optimism -- my husband and I bought a beautiful house that we love. Trouble is, we spent too much money. Now, our mortgage consumes nearly all of our monthly income, leaving us very little to save for retirement, our kids' college funds or do the things we love such as traveling. The question, then, is: Should we cut our losses, try to sell and buy something cheaper? Julia, St. Paul, MN
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Americans make progress with debt -- the hard way

Jan 19, 2012
U.S. households are ahead of the other major industrial nations in shedding debts.
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