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Probes and enrollment woes burn University of Phoenix

Oct 22, 2015
The school hasn’t hit rock bottom, but it’s well on its way, says one observer.
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If higher ed institutions change names, there's a cost

Oct 6, 2015
The price tag includes campus signs and logos, and sometimes alumni loyalty.
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An Everest College campus in Milwaukee.

Who wins, loses in Corinthian's bankruptcy plan?

Aug 26, 2015
Officials say the proposal shields the for-profit college from lawsuits.
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Participants in coding boot camps may be eligible for federal loans.

Coding boot camp? There may be a Pell Grant for that

Jul 2, 2015
US education department looks at giving aid to students in unaccredited programs.
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Left, WGBH reporter Kirk Carapezza interviews elementary school students in Essen, Germany.

Learning how the Germans learn

Apr 9, 2015
Behind the scenes of WGBH's series on the German higher-education system.
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Students in the fourth grade at an elementary school in Essen, Germany. Next year the students will get sorted into one of three educational tracks.

Stopping German students in their tracks?

Apr 8, 2015
Germany's controversial sorting system determines early on who goes to college.
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Roger Heps is in his final year of on-the-job training at Bayer, as part Germany's vocational education system.

'Blue-collar aristocrats' thrive in German economy

Apr 7, 2015
Germany’s vocational system partners with employers to train students for skilled jobs.
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Germany university classes are often larger than in America, to help cut costs in the taxpayer-funded higher education system.

We’ll take higher taxes over college tuition

Apr 2, 2015
Our listeners appear to agree with the German approach to higher education.
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Concept for federal college-ratings system is unveiled

Dec 19, 2014
Creating a sort of Consumer Reports for higher education is a "supremely challenging task."
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Graduating Harvard University Law School students wave gavels in celebration of commencement ceremonies in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Why law school enrollment is way down

Dec 17, 2014
Technology helps create a tight job market for young lawyers.
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