Medical device tax could play a role in spending negotiations

Sep 30, 2013
Lawmakers are running out of options to avoid a possible government shutdown, but a once obscure tax could now play an important role in negotiations.
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Obamacare premiums: What the price leaves out

Sep 25, 2013
President Obama unveiled the premiums for his new health care plans. But when it comes to the real cost of health care, the premium is just the beginning.
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Medical apps face new FDA regulation

Sep 25, 2013
There are nearly 100,000 medical apps available on mobile devices.
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In India, resource scarcity drives healthcare innovation

Sep 4, 2013
Some low-tech innovations are making a big difference.
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Financial Feud: Paying for daycare vs. Quitting to care for a kid

Jun 27, 2013
Kyle wants to quit her job so she can stay home with her daughter and stop paying for daycare. Her husband says they need her paycheck to pay the bills. Whose side are you on?
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Shop around for surgery? Negotiating health care costs to save cash

May 10, 2013
New data released by the federal government reveals that costs for identical medical procedures can vary widely from hospital-to-hospital. So to get the best deal, you might have to do some comparison shopping.
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CVS forces workers to reveal weight or pay up

Mar 20, 2013
Workers covered by CVS pharmacy’s health plan will have to report their weight and other wellness information or pay a monthly fee. The new policy shows how companies, in addition to offering incentives for workers to become healthier, are adding penalties for those who don’t shape up. It's all about lowering healthcare costs.
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Leslie Michelson: Doctor to the 1%?

Oct 19, 2012
The very wealthy have access to lots of things most of us don't -- that's just the way it goes. But what about when it's a matter or life or death?
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Finding a first job not easy for new nurses

Jul 6, 2012
There's been talk of a nurse shortage for years, but why are many nursing grads still struggling to find a job?
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Health care and consumer spending

Jun 27, 2012
A big chunk of "consumer spending" is really money we spend on health care.
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