Arizona's Medicaid cuts leave some patients with few other choices

Jul 27, 2011
The state's decision to freeze enrollment in some Medicaid programs is leaving the nearly 6,000 residents with serious medical conditions with few other places to turn.
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Arizona takes a stand on Medicaid

Jul 26, 2011
Policymakers in Arizona say they aren't cutting coverage. Instead, the state is freezing enrollment for childless adults.
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Gay marriage -- or else

Jul 22, 2011
More than 700 gay and lesbian couples will marry on Sunday in New York, the first day they legally can marry in the state. Thousands more will follow. But not all will be marrying just for love. Some are being told they have to.
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Prescription drug managment companies consolidate

Jul 21, 2011
Express Scripts agrees to buy Medco Health Solutions to gain market clout.
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Would the FDA have approved the first personal computer?

Jul 20, 2011
Congressional committee hears comments today on FDA approvals for medical devices.
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Blood supply is running low

Jul 18, 2011
Blood donation levels in May and June were at the lowest in a dozen years. Donations are usually provided by volunteers, but how much is blood actually worth?
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Study says the Internet is changing how we remember things

Jul 15, 2011
A study shows how the Internet is bad for us that finds people are more likely to remember where they found info as opposed to what information...
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Playlist: Moody's and U.C. Tuition Hikes

Jul 14, 2011
Posted by Ryan Faughnder ...
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The risks of quick drug approval

Jul 8, 2011
Major safety problems are not uncovered until after the drugs are approved.
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Differences in Medicaid spending, state by state

Jul 7, 2011
A new study is the first to give an apples-to-apples comparison of how states spend their money on Medicaid.
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