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The Supreme Court takes up health care reform

Nov 14, 2011
It will decide whether it's legal to force people to buy health insurance. Big and small businesses hang in the balance.
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Animated Short: The Amazing Health Care Arms Race

Sep 13, 2011
At the crossroads of our national debate about jobs and our national debate about health care debt... Is the (fictional) city of Hobbs. Its ...
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Recession slows health care spending in 2009

Jan 5, 2011
The recession had a big impact on health care spending, according to new statistics from the federal government....
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Health care industry in limbo as Republicans target health care reform law

Jan 4, 2011
The health care industry is hanging in limbo - and part of that has to do with the political changes this week in Washington....
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Federal court questions health reform's "individual mandate"

Dec 13, 2010
This final note, which to be honest, would have been higher in the program if it weren't just one more step in a long legal process. A federal...
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Ben Franklin and Big Pharma

Nov 23, 2010
The history of medicine isn't just a story about science. It's also a story about money. A history of economic instruments, tried and perfected, ...
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The too informed patient in the age of WebMD

Nov 19, 2010
Video Produced by Gregory Warner and Mara Zepeda. Created by Sebastienne Mundheim of White Box Theatre, acted by Charles DelMarcelle and Doug Gr...
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Money on the Road: Health Care from Philadelphia

Nov 12, 2010
Health care. It sounds so simple....
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