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A comparison-shopping site for health care

May 1, 2012
Silicon Valley venture capitalists bet big on a startup that says it will let consumers compare prices for medical procedures. Those can be very tough numbers to come by.
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Can spying on workers be a good thing?

Apr 30, 2012
Do you work harder when someone is watching you? A company called Arrowsight that thinks you do. It's helping other companies install cameras in the workplace to make sure employees are doing their jobs correctly.
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Health insurers make premium paybacks

Apr 26, 2012
Policyholders and employers in several states will get money back from their health care providers. It's all part of a plan to spend a bigger share of health care premiums on actual health care.
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Health law uncertainty creates chaos for some doctors

Apr 24, 2012
Doubt about which parts of the health care law may stand, if any, is changing the way some doctors do business.
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Medicare, Social Security get annual checkup

Apr 23, 2012
A trustee report on the fiscal health of Medicare and Social Security will allow political parties to spin their message.
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Anna Deavere Smith on storytelling in an era of identity politics and economics

Apr 23, 2012
Actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith discusses telling stories about the big, complicated social issues of our time -- from the L.A. Riots to health care.
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Missouri's low cigarette tax under fire

Apr 10, 2012
A ballot initiative could raise the tax rate on a pack of smokes in Missouri, which is 8x lower than the national average.
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The battle over billing codes

Apr 10, 2012
Every little thing your doctor does has a special code attached, with a dollar sign. Codes were supposed to make things simpler. Instead, they've touched off an expensive arms race between doctors, hospitals and insurers.
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ReMarket Podcast: The human and the not-so human

Mar 30, 2012
A podcast highlighting some of our best stories from the past week: The robots in our lives (and how they might eat our jobs) and what matters in the health care debate.
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How Americans feel about health care reform

Mar 29, 2012
Arguments for and against the legality of the Affordable Care Act wrapped up yesterday in the Supreme Court, and today, in our weekly Attitude Check, we look at how the average American feels about the law.
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