Drone hack

Oct 10, 2011
Creech Air Force Base in Nevada is home to several pilots who command drone plane missions in Afghanistan and other warzones. Officials at the base...
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Harvard website brought down

Sep 27, 2011
Yesterday we told you about the Syrian Ministry of Defense website had been hacked by Anonymous. Turns out the Syrians, or Syrian sympathizers,...
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Busy masked hackers

Sep 26, 2011
Anonymous hacked into the Syrian Ministry of Defense website this morning. A group member says it's "part of a broader effort by the loosely...
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Hacking away the hackers... one... at... a... time

Sep 23, 2011
Last night the FBI announced the arrest a 23-year-old Arizona man for allegedly hacking into the Sony's Pictures Entertainment site this past May...
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Japanese hack

Sep 19, 2011
Japan discovered a hack into Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., which in recent years has accounted for almost one quarter of the country's defense....
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How to make anyone on TV just stop talking

Sep 9, 2011
Granted, you'll need some handiness when it comes to electronics. On Monday's show, we talk to Matt Richardson, a New York hacker who has invented...
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WikiLeaks gets hacked. World Irony Association endorses action.

Aug 31, 2011
WikiLeaks is back up although running a bit slow now, this after being the target of a denial of service attack. The attack evidently is a result...
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Dorking is the new hacking

Aug 24, 2011
Here's a term for you: dorking. It's how personal information from some 43,000 Yale University students, faculty, staff, and alumni were stolen....
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Texas immigration center accused of massive computer fraud

Aug 22, 2011
An investigation into a Texas immigration center reveals fraud and internal hacking of systems. NextGov conducted the investigation and says...
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Anonymous attacks BART

Aug 15, 2011
The hacking group got into the website for Bay Area Rapid Transit and stole and exposed personal information on 2400 of the site's 55,000 users....
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