Get ready for shopping cart GPS

Dec 14, 2011
You'll be tracked in stores. I mean, even more so.
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Quick, update your HTC

Oct 5, 2011
HTC will release a fix for the huge security risk that we told you about yesterday. The company didn't give a full list of phones affected, but...
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Kevlar, meet GPS

Sep 20, 2011
Laipac Technology introduced their newest bulletproof vest, the S-91, which adds GPS tracking to Kevlar and armor plates. Sounds great for knowing...
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GPS industry and LightSquared still squabbling

Aug 18, 2011
LightSquared is trying to get off the ground as a viable wireless carrier. It's struggling because it uses both ground towers and satellites. But,...
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Fewer planes to smash into each other thanks to math

Jul 6, 2011
Good ol' math. MIT researchers have come up with an algorithm to reduce the number of mid air collisions. It's part of the Federal Aviation...
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Lightsquared gets huge pile of money

Jul 5, 2011
$265 million to be exact from new and current investors. Lightsquared, of course, is the company trying to build a new wireless service based on a...
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Lightsquared: "We can change! Just give us a chance!"

Jul 1, 2011
Lightsquared is the heavily backed company that's planning/hoping to build a new 4G network using both ground towers and satellite capability. It...
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The report results are in: Lightsquared messes with GPS

Jun 15, 2011
In a report scheduled to be presented to the FCC on Wednesday, Lightsquared and a GPS industry group will tell the agency yes, Lightsquared will...
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New tests show LightSquared might screw up GPS

Jun 10, 2011
LightSquared is a new network trying to get up and running. But, lots of folks - pilots, people in the military - have been complaining that the...
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