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Federal shutdown threatens to shortchange blood banks

Oct 7, 2013
Canceled blood drives could have a cascade effect on the nation's blood supply.
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Manufacturing work in the shutdown: 'Like being held hostage'

Oct 7, 2013
A look at how the manufacturing industry is being affected by the gridlock in Washington.
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Government shutdown threatens housing market, mortgages

Oct 7, 2013
The longer the government is closed, the more housing deals could be delayed or even wrecked altogether.
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7 lessons the U.S. government could learn from Marketplace Money

Oct 4, 2013
Our listeners are a smart, helpful bunch when it comes to money. Congress seems like it could use some help...
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The Labor Department's jobs report that wasn't

Oct 4, 2013
The monthly ups and downs don’t matter as much as the trend, and we know the trend is mediocre job growth.
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Hurricane or government shutdown: Which is scarier?

Oct 4, 2013
We look at just how essential the non-essential employees may be during episodes of severe weather.
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No jobs report today because of the shutdown, but most forecasting 180,000 jobs added

Oct 4, 2013
Economists are predicting about 180,000 jobs were added last month, but no way to know if it's accurate due to the government shutdown.
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How's the shutdown going to affect Twitter's IPO?

Oct 4, 2013
The company has made public its papers for an S-1 Initial Public Offering. But why now in the middle of a government shutdown?
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Lessons Congress can learn from middle school

Oct 4, 2013
As the fight over the nation's budget continues, we pose the question: Is Congress smarter than a seventh grader?
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Looking at no pay for four days, consumers may cut back

Oct 4, 2013
It’s day four of the government shutdown. For the 800,000 furloughed workers, that’s four days without income.
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