G+ expansion: What's he building in there?

Oct 21, 2011
What we're seeing here more and more is the expansion of the meaning of Google+ and perhaps some realization that to judge it as a Facebook...
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Google Reader getting swallowed into the Google+ borg

Oct 21, 2011
I'll confess: I kind of love Google Reader. In the same way I love my old vinyl records. The news feed program from Google is useful but hasn't...
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Google+ to allow pseudonym support

Oct 20, 2011
One of the biggest criticisms of the still-nascent social network site Google+ has been that its insistence on real names for users is unfair,...
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Google+ is now open to everyone in case anyone still wants to use it.

Sep 21, 2011
You no longer need an invitation. Although seriously if you hadn't already procured an invitation by now you probably had no interest in Google's...
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Facebook becoming more like Google+ again?

Sep 9, 2011
First we saw changes to Facebook that made sharing more selective in a manner similar to Google+. Now Mashable is reporting on an experimental...
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Google+ keeps eating other products

Sep 6, 2011
Google+ is Pac Man at Google headquarters and all these other weird little side products are the white dots. WAKA WAKA WAKA....
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Google+ is an identity service, says Schmidt

Aug 29, 2011
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was in Edinburgh over the weekend for an international TV conference and was asked by NPR's Andy Carvin...
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Battle lines drawn in Google+ real names controversy

Aug 15, 2011
Most web services would prefer if users used their actual names instead of an online-only moniker. People tend to be more responsible when its...
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Google+ has 20 million users

Jul 22, 2011
We had heard estimates that G+ (those of us really in the know call it G+, also those of us who are lazy and don't like to type much) would hit 20...
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Google Labs closing down

Jul 21, 2011
Google says it will discontinue the experimental section of its site and company known as Google Labs. For many years now, Labs has been the minor...
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