GM posts $865-million first quarter profit

May 17, 2010
If you're a taxpayer, you own a piece of General Motors. And, well, congratulations!...
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GM head footing the bill for private jet

Apr 21, 2010
Who says the company can't still have a private jet? General Motors CEO Edward E. Whitacre Jr. is footing the bill for today's chartered flight to...
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The "G" in GM is for green?

Jul 13, 2009
The AP reports that General Motors has emerged from bankrupcy ready to "go green."...
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The truth Hertz

Mar 5, 2009
GM finally acknowledged today in its annual report that its survival is in "substantial doubt." GM said it could be forced to file for bankruptcy...
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Drive 'em into the ground

Mar 3, 2009
The latest car sales numbers just came in, and they truly are bad enough to make a grown man cry. GM and Ford sales fell by half in February. At...
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A ballpoint pen or a share of stock?

Feb 25, 2009
AP writer Mark Williams has a telling breakdown on the stock values of some major companies. I'll give you the highlights with up-to-the-minute...
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You go, Sweden

Feb 19, 2009
The board of car company Saab is reportedly meeting right now to go over the details of reorganizing. This move is short of bankruptcy but would...
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Big Three selling jets, but just inching toward efficiency

Dec 2, 2008
It looks like it's not just a buyer's market for automobiles, but for corporate jets....
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GM gives battered biofuels a push

Aug 5, 2008
American farmers' move toward growing more corn for ethanol production has been one of the factors cited for rapidly rising food costs. The...
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