Have a very Homo Economicus Christmas

Dec 12, 2012
What economists like to give (and get) as Christmas gifts. Spoiler alert: economists don’t think like the rest of us.
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The perfect gift for that perfect person: You

Dec 3, 2012
Buying gifts for yourself while shopping for others is a growing holiday tradition, encouraged by retailers. Just don't carry it too far.
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Nicely wrapped gifts heighten expectations

Dec 22, 2011
Researcher Nathan Novemsky discusses his findings on gift giving. Fancy wrapping increases expectations -- but also, disappointment -- he says.
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How to explain Santa's budget to your kids

Dec 9, 2011
Learn tips on how to explain to children why they didn't get everything on their wish lists.
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DIY Christmas: Fridge pickles and infused booze

Dec 2, 2011
Meg Favreau of shares two gifts you can make that'll be winners under any tree.
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