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Parent loans for college

Nov 4, 2011
Question: My son has been accepted to a good out of state private college after completing his 2 year degree at a local community college. However,...
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Go ahead, switch

Nov 3, 2011
Question: Someone on our show once said that closing your account would lower your credit rating. With the Occupy movement asking people to move...
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Sell down to the sleeping point

Nov 2, 2011
Question: With the roller coaster-volatility of the stock market, would it be wise to tell my investment management firm to sell all mutual fund...
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Capital gains and a home sale

Nov 1, 2011
Question: We sold our home a year ago and have chosen not to reinvest into the market due to the volatility. We did make a profit on this sale....
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College and a refinancing

Oct 31, 2011
Question: I have a question about what term to refinance for given that I have a child that will enter college in about 15 years. If I refinance...
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Target date funds

Oct 28, 2011
Question: I always hear you guys say to diversify your retirement funds. It makes sense and I'm on board with that. However does putting all your...
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Time to refinance

Oct 27, 2011
Question: I am currently looking to refinance my home to get a lower interest rate. The problem is I will likely be relocating for work soon. I'd...
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What's going on with mutual funds

Oct 26, 2011
Question: I've had mutual funds for over 20 years that basically are about 10% higher now than my original investment so long ago. This is typical...
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What now?

Oct 25, 2011
Question: I own shares in a family business and my shares are being purchased. I will be paid approximately $150,000 over the next ten years in...
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Secured credit cards

Oct 24, 2011
Question: Hello, I was just listening to your program here in sunny San Diego, Saturday around noon (Oct 22). You were interviewing a recent...
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