Sen. Al Franken's Location Privacy Protection Act

Dec 20, 2012
Senator Al Franken is pushing for more privacy options when it comes to location data.
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The score of Central Park

Dec 8, 2011
Wear comfortable shoes for this walk in the park
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The score of Central Park

Dec 8, 2011
Location-specific tunes
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Facebook appears to have bought Gowalla

Dec 5, 2011
Geolocation to be brought back to life? Or something?
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Pew survey says 28% of Americans use location services

Sep 6, 2011
This just coming in from Pew. I'll pass it along:...
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Facebook kills Places

Aug 24, 2011
It was supposed to be the Foursquare killer but I guess it never really took off. Facebook Places is no more. The idea was to let users "check in"...
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New York City as a Risk board

Jun 29, 2011
No jokes please about New York always having an element of Risk. A group of hackers (the fun kind, not the steal your credit card kind) have...
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Amex teams with Foursquare

Jun 23, 2011
New venture aims to separate you from your money, as most ventures do. That's the way it is. Some things will never change. Right, Bruce Hornsby?...
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New York City declares tomorrow to be Foursquare Day

Apr 15, 2011
Which is fine and kind of weird but whatever. New York, you know? What are you gonna do?...
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Government bonds, Wall Street bonuses and no Potash for Billiton

Nov 4, 2010
In a bid to revive the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve announced plans to buy $600 billion worth of long term government bonds. Looking ahead,...
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