Opportunity in America: Then and now

Jun 26, 2015
Is the United States still an economic promised land?
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Technology can't make you fall asleep

Jan 22, 2015
... but it might help you sleep better.
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Building a school with a future

Aug 14, 2014
How to design a school that will still be functional in 30 years.
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Archie Andrews takes a bullet

Killing Archie, to keep his brand healthy

Jul 15, 2014
There are many Archies loose in the world.
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'The Internet of Things': The future is now

Aug 26, 2013
A future where every object is connected to the internet is almost here.
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Flying cars do exist -- but they're not exactly safe yet

May 13, 2013
The Maverick, as this flying car was called, hit a tree and crashed last week.
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Not planning for the future? Perhaps you are in 'present shock'

Mar 22, 2013
Author Douglas Rushkoff explores the ways technology and business culture have evolved so as to keep consumers "present-minded" in his latest book, "Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now."
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The TV of the future?

Jan 3, 2013
At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, TV-makers are expected to unveil technologically enhanced sets. But is the TV of the future here?
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As Jetsons turn 50, have their predictions held up?

Sep 21, 2012
It's been 50 years since the Jetsons debuted on television, meaning we're halfway to the futuristic 2060 society the show envisioned. So, are we on the right track for jetpacks and hover-cars? ...Maybe not.
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Avoid getting burned by Java

Aug 31, 2012
Oracle announces a new patch for its Java software.
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