LA to fast food: Not so fast

Jul 30, 2008
The Los Angeles City Council has passed a year-long ban on new fast food chains going into South Los Angeles, one of the city's most obese neighborhoods. But not everyone is happy about the ordinance. Renita Jablonski has more.
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Pacific salmon supply drying up

Jul 29, 2008
Salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest are in serious trouble and dwindling supply means fish markets and restaurants are scrambling to find an alternative for their customers. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Kraft keeps cooking in hard times

Jul 28, 2008
As the economy drives consumers to eat more meals at home, food giant Kraft is in a position to profit. Even with higher costs, it's second-quarter results showed its bottom line got fatter. Steve Henn reports.
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Local growers help companies cut costs

Jul 28, 2008
Buying locally grown food is good PR for companies. But it turns out that, with rising diesel prices, there's a lot more to gain than a good reputation. Alisa Roth reports.
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More families turning to food banks

Jul 25, 2008
Host Tess Vigeland introduces us to Elaine, just one of the many people pushed from financial security to barely getting by by tough economic times.
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Europe considers cloned food

Jul 24, 2008
Food regulators from the European Union are raising concerns this morning about the safety of cloned animal products. Bob Moon talks to Stephen Beard in London about why European consumers are so fussy about cloned food.
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Food companies to feed us higher costs

Jul 21, 2008
Sara Lee, Tyson, Kraft and other name-brand food companies are hiking prices on everyday products from cheese to cold cuts. Jeff Tyler reports on how this will hit Americans in the gut.
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Is mystery meat on the menu?

Jul 21, 2008
It's hard not to take a pot shot at cafeteria food, but the folks cooking up meals for the Chandler Unified School District in Chandler, Ariz.,...
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Coca-Cola set to raise prices

Jul 18, 2008
Commodity and transport costs have become too much for Coca-Cola, which announced plans to up its prices soon to offset increased production costs. Sam Eaton reports.
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Champagne rises above the markets

Jul 17, 2008
If you had your money invested in vintage champagne, you'd be tempted to pop open a few bottles. Why is the bubbly stuff outperforming major financial indexes? Stephen Beard reports.
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