Kosher turkey pricey on short supply

Nov 21, 2008
There's a shortage of kosher turkey and beef thanks to the closing of supplier Agriprocessors, which had provided much of the country's kosher meat. Renita Jablonski reports the price of kosher turkeys has doubled.
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Pepsi conserves water with Gatorade

Nov 19, 2008
Pepsi, maker of the sports drink Gatorade, is using new techniques to cut down on its water use and save some money in the process. Sarah Gardner has the story on the eco-friendly ideas at Gatorade plants.
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FDA China branch to monitor food

Nov 19, 2008
The Food and Drug Administration's first office in China will make it easier for inspectors to check food for export. Scott Tong reports.
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FDA's global efforts start in China

Nov 19, 2008
The Food and Drug Administration opened up its first overseas office today in China in an attempt to get closer to where issues could start. Scott Jagow talks to Scott Tong in Shanghai about other FDA offices to follow.
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The difficulties getting food to the poor

Nov 18, 2008
U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization members are in Rome to deal with a looming food crisis among the world's poor. Kai Ryssdal talks to food policy expert Joakim Von Braun about a key issue in food distribution -- security.
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Will 'free the chickens' crusade spread?

Nov 5, 2008
The egg-laying chickens of California will get roomier accommodations under Proposition 2, which passed by a wide margin. Sarah Gardner reports on what could be the start of a national animal rights movement.
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Backyard garden biz is growing fast

Nov 4, 2008
San Francisco start-up business MyFarm helps locals who aren't savvy about gardening grow their own veggies at home. Lisa Morehouse has more on the company's success and fans throughout the organic world.
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Financial crisis is spoiling organics

Nov 3, 2008
Organic food might be good for your health but, as a consumer, it's not so good for your budget. High-end Whole Foods market is cutting expansion plans in response to a more frugal shopping public. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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China weeds out tainted animal feed

Nov 3, 2008
China's tainted food has moved further up the global food chain to include animal feed. Over the weekend, Chinese authorities said they're intervening massively to clean it all up. Scott Tong has more from Shanghai.
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Financial crisis looks different in China

Oct 31, 2008
Besides food scandals, there are lots of issues for Marketplace's Shanghai Bureau Chief Scott Tong to take on. Kai Ryssdal talks to him about reporting on China's complex economy and how the nation is dealing with the global economic crisis.
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