New food-growth product a bit hairy

Apr 28, 2009
A Florida company has developed an all-natural product that it says could revolutionize how food is grown in the U.S. It's called Smart Grow, but it might be a tough sell. Dan Grech explains.
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FDA's overseas offices met with caution

Apr 27, 2009
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened field offices internationally after several scares over tainted drugs abroad. Critics say the increased scrutiny feels like a crackdown. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Germany says no to Monsanto's corn

Apr 14, 2009
Germany has banned a genetically modified corn seed developed by U.S. biotech giant Monsanto, claiming the product is a threat to the environment. Stephen Beard reports.
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FDA not improving to curb bad record

Apr 10, 2009
Food safety for produce like spinach, peanuts and pistachios is ensured by the Food and Drug Administration, which doesn't have a system in place for checking offshore foods. Steve Henn reports.
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Not the ripest year for French wine

Apr 10, 2009
French wines aren't doing particularly well right now. Even sales of Champagne have dropped from between 10-30 percent. Still, French producers say it's not the end of the world. Anita Elash reports why.
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Food pantry donations get a little fruity

Apr 9, 2009
Food pantries are facing a real problem -- demand is at a record high while donations have dwindled. But instead of money, some people are donating the "fruits" of their labor. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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Kosher that's not just for food

Apr 7, 2009
As Passover begins, there is a movement in the Jewish community to expand the meaning of kosher beyond just food. Jennifer Collins reports.
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Now you can bid on a bag of groceries

Apr 3, 2009
Auctioneer Kirk Williams had a hunch to try putting frozen foods on his auction block, and the move turned out to be tremendously lucrative. Steve Chiotakis asks Williams how people feel about the food.
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U.S. food tracing system is moldy

Mar 26, 2009
A new Health and Human Services report reveals disturbing gaps in the government's ability to trace food sources. Janet Babin reports.
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Cheaper dinner grown in the backyard

Mar 23, 2009
Vegetable gardens are becoming increasingly popular as people want to save money on food in tight times. Several edible landscaping companies have popped up across the country in response to the trend.
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