Wal-Mart's food line getting a makeover

Feb 23, 2009
Wal-Mart is giving its private food line a label makeover in the next few weeks to attract more shoppers. But Danielle Karson reports the store's target audience is already sold on the idea of a bargain.
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Mini-cattle help buck hefty costs

Feb 17, 2009
In the spirit of doing a lot with a little, some ranchers are forgoing the heftier cows and breeding mini-cattle. The payoff is healthier meat and more efficiency at the ranch, leading to lower costs. Megan Verlee reports.
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In hard times, people hit the kitchen

Feb 17, 2009
Cooking classes have become popular as more people want to save money by eating in. Sadie Babits visits two cooking schools in Portland, Ore. and explores some reasons for the mass return to the kitchen.
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Less product, same price

Feb 16, 2009
Have you noticed there's less peanut butter in your jar? Some packaged goods companies have been reducing the weight of certain products and selling them for the same price. Sean Cole asks: Is it deceptive?
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Peanut shutdown a shell shock for town

Feb 11, 2009
The town of Blakely, Ga. once thrived as a mecca for the peanut industry. But with the closing of the local peanut processing plant due to a salmonella outbreak comes a questionable future. Dan Grech reports.
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Farmers go low-tech to grow in winter

Feb 4, 2009
Farmers in Michigan are stretching their growing season -- and their profits -- into winter by using a relatively simple set-up called a hoop house. Lou Blouin reports.
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American chef could heat up his career

Jan 28, 2009
Chefs from 24 countries try to out-cook each other in the Bocuse D'or, a huge competition held in France. This year, an American might win the top prize, which comes with a lot of prestige. Anita Elash reports.
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Food vendors sell with personal touch

Jan 26, 2009
The recession hasn't stopped some entrepreneurs from breaking into the specialty food market. The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was ripe with new companies marketing their products -- but not necessarily for huge profits. April Dembosky reports.
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Restaurant week may not be enough

Jan 16, 2009
Restaurant week is an annual promotional event that lets New York City diners enjoy three-course meals at bargain prices. But will the spending continue once the week is done? Sally Herships reports consumers' appetites may not last.
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Efficiently increasing food production

Jan 12, 2009
A study finds producing corn, soy, cotton and wheat has become more efficient over the last 20 years. Ashley Milne-Tyte explores how a less detrimental environmental impact could help increase food production later.
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