'Daddy helper' makes frugality easier

Jul 17, 2009
With no money for camp, Hodding Carter IV is taking his kids' summer entertainment upon himself. That includes helping Dad make mead, an ancient kind of wine, to take the edge off so much quality time.
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Hard times are good for craft beer

Jul 15, 2009
When the recession hit, Brooklyn Brewery prepared for trouble. But then sales went up, as they did for makers of craft beer across the country. Ben Calhoun has this story and a good explanation for craft beer's success.
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French cuisine's not what it used to be

Jul 14, 2009
Bad economic policies and complacency have led to a deterioration of French cuisine, says Michael Steinberger, author of a new book, "Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France." He talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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McDonald's: Relocation not tax-based

Jul 13, 2009
McDonald's is the latest U.S. corporation to plan relocating headquarters from the U.K. to Switzerland. The company insists it's not trying to dodge taxes, but many observers say the decision must be tax-related. Stephen Beard reports.
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G8 wants to invest in world agriculture

Jul 10, 2009
G8 leaders are discussing a new $20 billion plan for world food aid that would encourage agriculture over sending homegrown U.S. produce. The idea is to help farmers in poor countries become more productive. Stephen Beard reports.
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What can be done to stop world hunger

Jul 8, 2009
The Wall Street Journal's Roger Thurow, co-author of the book "Enough," talks with Kai Ryssdal about why the markets may be impeding getting food to poor countries, and what may help.
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A concert with that Doritos bag

Jul 7, 2009
Late Night Doritos chips are not only good for a snack, but also a free online concert. Mitchell Hartman explains.
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Family takes frugality to the extreme

Jul 3, 2009
Many people living in comfortable surroundings are now embracing a frugal-chic attitude. Maine-based author W. Hodding Carter and his family are experimenting in being ultra-frugal for an entire year.
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France's eateries serve up tax reduction

Jul 1, 2009
Going to a restaurant in France just got cheaper. The value-added tax on meals has been reduced to 5.5% from 19.6%. Tess Vigeland talks with Mark Williamson, chef and owner of two dining establishments in Paris.
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Pizza Hut: Just think of us as 'The Hut'

Jun 25, 2009
In a new marketing campaign, Pizza Hut is referring to itself as just The Hut, in an effort to remind consumers it doesn't serve just pizza. But it's not changing its name. Confused? Rico Gagliano reports.
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