Book has road map to fight hunger

Nov 13, 2009
A new book focuses on success stories in fighting hunger. Jeff Tyler reports some of the solutions are obvious while also overlooked.
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A cownose by any other name is edible

Nov 11, 2009
Cownose rays are becoming a growing menace on fishing in the Cheasapeake Bay. So some local oystermen are finding ways to turn the predators into a meal. But to make the rays more appetizing, they need some good marketing. Sabri Ben-Achour reports.
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Kraft turns hostile in bid for Cadbury

Nov 9, 2009
Kraft's bid for candy-maker Cadbury is below the price it initially offered in September. Why? European correspondent Stephen Beard talks the details with Bill Radke.
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Pabst Brewing Company up for sale

Nov 2, 2009
Reports say that Pabst Brewing Company is going up for sale. Jennifer Collins reports the brewer seems to be worth a lot these days.
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China to lift ban on U.S. pork

Oct 30, 2009
In the midst of trade talks with the U.S., China will lift its ban on American pork imports. Scott Tong reports.
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Cattle ranchers hurt by low beef sales

Oct 27, 2009
Americans have been cutting back on steaks and hamburgers, which means cattle ranchers get less money for their cows. Ethan Lindsey reports.
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McDonald's grows cold on Iceland costs

Oct 27, 2009
McDonald's is closing three restaurants on Iceland because of soaring costs. Stephen Beard reports.
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Is free KFC chicken worth a long wait?

Oct 22, 2009
After attempting a free grilled chicken dinner giveaway in May, Kentucky Fried Chicken is trying it again, hoping for better results. Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch, who attended the first chicken run.
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Anheuser-Busch-InBev sells breweries

Oct 15, 2009
European correspondent Stephen Beard talks with Bill Radke about Anheuser-Busch-InBev's deal to sell a slew of its East-European breweries.
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Pepsi's iPhone app for Amp falls flat

Oct 14, 2009
Pepsi's new iPhone application promotes its energy drink Amp. It's designed to "help" guys on the prowl, but it's not helping the company's reputation. Jennifer Collins reports.
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