'Make the Bread, Buy the Butter'

Oct 13, 2011
We learn what's cheaper -- and tastier -- to make at home and what you should just buy from the grocery store.
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Pistachio growers face vote to expand industry oversight

Oct 3, 2011
The market for pistachios has become an unlikely growth market. If growers in the U.S. vote to increase industry oversight, it could mean a bigger market for exports of the nut.
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The new standard for chocolate

Sep 30, 2011
The discovery of new cacao varietals in the Peruvian highlands could establish the first ever chocolate terriors.
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Organic strawberries may not be

Sep 29, 2011
A loophole in federal regulation allows "organic berries" to be grown from conventionally raised plants
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Deaths from tainted cantaloupe mount

Sep 28, 2011
Cantaloupe contaminated with bacteria has killed at least 13 Americans. As the toll likely rises, how long will it take for the melon industry?
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Eating ethically -- it's complicated

Sep 23, 2011
You're trying your best to choose the most ethical, environmentally-friendly apples and chickens, but here are some more factors to consider before you decide to eat local.
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Prices rises squeeze food producers, retailers

Sep 20, 2011
Food conglomerate ConAgra reports quarterly results and finds itself caught in price pressures from the farm and in the supermarket.
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Are mangoes the new banana?

Sep 19, 2011
Major food companies, consumers are getting sweet on the exotic fruit -- as mangoes become more mainstream.
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U.K. seeks to reform date stamps on food packaging

Sep 15, 2011
In the U.K., families throw away over 5 million tons of perfectly good food every year. The U.K. government thinks "sell-by" dates are to blame.
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What's in a name: Corn sugar vs. corn syrup

Sep 13, 2011
A court case in California over the rebranding of corn syrup to "corn sugar" highlights the increasing concern over obesity in the U.S.
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