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Starbucks wants Congress to 'come together' on fiscal cliff

Dec 26, 2012
The company is asking its employees in the Washington, D.C., area to write the words 'come together' on people's coffee cups, apparently in reference to the fiscal cliff talks.
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Economic signals mixed as year comes to a close

Dec 24, 2012
Fiscal cliff negotiations continue to worry markets, but end of the year holiday sales are bringing some cheer to the economy.
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A look ahead at Washington's 2013 agenda

Dec 24, 2012
Fiscal cliff negotiations will likely dominate the conversation in the weeks ahead, but what economic issues will Washington be talking about the rest of 2013?
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Congress contemplates temporary fix to avoid fiscal cliff

Dec 24, 2012
President Obama and lawmakers have left Washington for Christmas. But with no fiscal cliff deal in sight, Congress may end up with a working holiday.
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After Plan B, what's next for the fiscal cliff

Dec 21, 2012
The Weekly Wrap talks about what can happen now that Speaker John Boehner's Plan B has failed.
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What happens when the poor fall over the fiscal cliff?

Dec 21, 2012
If the government fails to agree on a budget, what, if anything, can poor people do to weather the automatic spending cuts that will kick in after the nation plunges off the fiscal cliff?
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Time for Plan C? Fiscal cliff solution stalls

Dec 21, 2012
It was called "Plan B" -- a way to avoid some of the tax increases that are part of the fiscal cliff without putting together a broad bipartisan deal before the New Year.
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Taxes on capital gains and dividends likely to rise

Dec 20, 2012
Top capital gains tax rates would increase to 20 percent, taxes on dividends would go as high as 39.6 percent.
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Ralph Reed on the budget deficit and fiscal cliff

Dec 19, 2012
Some treasured tax breaks are coming in for close scrutiny, and one of the country's leading social conservatives is weighing in on the matter.
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Defining 'rich' before the fiscal cliff deadline

Dec 18, 2012
President Obama made a new offer to the Republicans yesterday in the fiscal cliff negotiations. The President said he’ll extend Bush era tax cuts for households making less than $400,000, he’d previously drawn the line at $250,000.
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