first-generation college students

Rockefeller Hall at Vassar College, which houses the college's political science, philosophy and mathematics departments.

Vassar president on the high cost of income inequality

Sep 8, 2015
Catharine Bond Hill says top colleges should enroll more low-income students.
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Vassar College's Transitions program is aimed at serving low-income, first-generation and veteran students.

Helping low-income college students feel at home

Sep 1, 2015
After criticism, Vassar College tries to become a more inclusive campus.
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How small financial setbacks can derail college plans

Oct 1, 2014
Many low-income students don't have the luxury of making even minor mistakes.
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Navigating the many firsts of freshman year

Feb 10, 2014
Going away to school is an adjustment for nearly every student, but when you're the first in your family to go, the transition can be even harder
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Meet the modern guidance counselor

Jan 16, 2014
President and First Lady Obama met with more than a hundred college and university presidents and leaders from business and nonprofits to talk about helping low-income students finish college. One solution starts well before college, with high school guidance counselors.
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