GE to sell most of its lending business

Apr 10, 2015
The company is returning to its manufacturing roots.
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Starbucks leaves room for a conversation about race

Mar 17, 2015
The stories we're reading and numbers we're watching Tuesday.
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The drama behind mergers and acquisitions

Oct 14, 2013
You may think mergers and acquisitions are dry, but a new book spells out the gritty drama behind the scenes.
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Britain wants to be hub for Sharia banking

Jul 18, 2013
Britain's government is trying to make the country a major world hub for financial transactions that conform to Islamic principles. Islamic banking and finance are a fast growing area.
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As one financial center grows, another shrinks?

Aug 17, 2012
A new report out from Bloomberg this morning shows that hiring in the London financial services industry is down, while at the same time it is picking up in New York.
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Let's get physical. Oops, I mean financial!

Jun 25, 2012
Americans are more likely to rate themselves physically fit than financially healthy, a recent survey finds. Whip your finances back into shape with expert advice.
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Sheila Bair on new watchdog group, Systemic Risk Council

Jun 6, 2012
The former chairwoman of the FDIC talks about her new financial watchdog group, the Systemic Risk Council, and the state of the global financial industry.
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'Education is the most important thing'

Jan 27, 2012
Credit union officer Niki Wong discusses how many Asian American households handle their personal finances.
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Here's an incentive to return people's calls

Mar 8, 2011
This final note today, in which we learn once again the rich really are different. A consulting firm called The Spectrem Group did a survey of...
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