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Keeping track of Ebola

Nov 5, 2014
Reporter Colin Baker talks through the difficulties of collecting data on Ebola.
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Kim Dotcom goes 'Mega'

Jan 21, 2013
The controversial and colorful online troublemaker Kim Dotcom has a new business venture. His last one, the file-sharing site Megaupload, got him indicted by American authorities, who say he got rich pirating content. He's new venture is just called Mega.
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Google hiding 'pirate' sites to make friends in Hollywood

Aug 14, 2012
As the search giant branches into Hollywood, it takes a tougher stance on copyright issues.
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Google steps into file sharing scrap

Mar 21, 2012
The search giant backs up Hotfile in action against the Motion Picture Association of America.
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EFF joins in fight to retrieve files from Megaupload before they’re deleted

Feb 1, 2012
Clock is running on those Megaupload servers
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The soap operatic tale of Megaupload

Jan 30, 2012
Don't worry, this story won't be taken down by the FBI
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Megaupload fallout

Jan 23, 2012
Server farms are turning into ghost towns
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Megaupload's mega-takedown

Jan 20, 2012
The enormous file-sharing site gets shut down by the feds.
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Megaupload goes down, gets ready for court

Jan 20, 2012
Where can I get an illegal bootleg copy of that indictment?
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Sharing the love - African mobile beats

Jan 5, 2012
A different kind of file sharing
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