Overnight delivery loses appeal, hurting FedEx

Dec 19, 2012
As companies and customers cut shipping costs by using slower, cheaper rail and truck, FedEx's expensive air-cargo fleet suffers.
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Shippers still seeking seasonal workers

Nov 30, 2012
Online retailers and shippers say that despite high unemployment, they have unfilled temporary positions.
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FedEx to restructure to cut costs

Oct 10, 2012
The shipping company said it could boost its bottom line by nearly $2 billion.
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What's good for iPhones is good for FedEx

Sep 18, 2012
Apple says it received two million orders for the iPhone 5 in the first 24 hours of availability. That is good news of course for Apple. It's also good news for shipping companies like Fed Ex.
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FedEx earnings down, global economy to blame

Sep 5, 2012
FedEx has downgraded -- again -- its quarterly earnings estimate for the period ending in August.
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FedEx to acquire Brazilian shipper

May 30, 2012
Despite global economic woes and nervous markets, FedEx announced today that it will purchase the Brazilian shipper Rapidao Cometa Logistica e Transportes for $6.8 billion.
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FedEx to raise prices in the coming year

Dec 27, 2011
FedEx will start charging higher rates in part so it can afford to hold on to good employees.
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PODCAST: Cameron in the doghouse, a dent in the debt

Dec 12, 2011
Questions are being raised as to the economic future of England and the rest of Europe following Friday's summit. Demand for larger pickups is up, and Ford is discontinuing its Ranger line of smaller trucks. More and more young people are taking on full-time jobs as yoga instructors.
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FedEx expecting record day of shipments

Dec 12, 2011
FedEx is expecting to ship 17 million packages today, up from last year's peak of 15.6 million in a single day.
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Happy Holidays, FedEx!

Oct 24, 2011
The Pulse today starts with a riddle: Why would good fortune for FedEx also be good for one of its arch-competitors, the U.S. Postal Service? Fe...
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