FCC considering plan to launch floating cell towers

Jun 8, 2012
In the event of natural disaster, drone planes and weather balloons could restore communications.
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A new frontier for wireless medical devices?

May 22, 2012
An FCC vote this week could allocate part of the broadcast spectrum for a new wave of health care technology.
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FCC invites public comment on Verizon spectrum deal

Feb 23, 2012
Verizon seeking to acquire spectrum space from cable companies
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LightSquared’s Plan B: swap spectrum with the military

Feb 16, 2012
Company tries to stay alive
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Spectrum auction is finally on track

Feb 16, 2012
Hopefully they won't use one of those fast talking cowboy auctioneers
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Tougher rules on robocalls

Feb 15, 2012
But what about RoboCops? I'm scared of them things.
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FCC wants to throw a high speed Lifeline to low income families

Feb 1, 2012
Internet more important than phones
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Give up the spectrum or rates go up

Jan 27, 2012
A gut-punch to the FCC
Posted In: ATT, fcc, spectrum

T-Mobile and AT&T filing for data transfer

Jan 24, 2012
The big break-up penalty
Posted In: AT&T, T-Mobile, spectrum, fcc


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