The Michelle Obama Effect

Oct 28, 2010
Image from the Harvard Business Review. Click image to see a larger version...
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A chic memento of the Great Recession

Sep 21, 2010
One shopper gives new meaning to the term "recessionista." According to fashion website Refinery29, one lucky shopper found a stash of Lehman Br...
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Shop on board the fashion trucks

Sep 14, 2010
Talk about fast fashion. Designers and retailers are jumping on the mobile bandwagon, so to speak, and dishing out clothes, shoes, accessories an...
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What expensive shades you have

Jul 15, 2010
Those $500 Dior sunnies you're eyeing? The retail mark-up is as big as you think it is. Check out this list from the Wall Street Journal of six t...
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Fashion in the time of recession

Jul 12, 2010
Frugal is the new black during the Great Recession, and that trend has dealt a harsh blow to the fashion industry. It is especially difficult fo...
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