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Would a new farm bill save money?

Sep 17, 2012
Only if crop prices stay high, according to a recent economic study.
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Why are food stamps part of the Farm Bill?

Jul 11, 2012
The food assistance program grew from rural efforts to get urban support for farm subsidies.
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Large farms may have to pay more to insure crops

Jul 5, 2012
The Senate's version of the Farm Bill eliminates some key funding for farmers, especially those who make more than $750,000 a year.
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Popcorn subsidy up for debate in Farm Bill

Jun 15, 2012
An amendment in the current Farm Bill would keep government protection for popcorn crops. Popcorn is a tiny kernel in U.S. agriculture, but without the subsidy prices of your favorite movie snack could rise.
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U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Farm Bill

Apr 20, 2012
For now, the Farm Bill has stalled in Congress. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack talks about why the bill is vital to farmers, and the agriculture industry as a whole.
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