How Facebook's IPO compares to Google's

May 18, 2012
Facebook leaves investors wondering about its true worth, but it's still leaving Google in the IPO dust.
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California budget to benefit from Facebook IPO

May 16, 2012
California Gov. Jerry Brown recently informed Californians that the state was $16 billion in the hole, instead of the mere $9 billion everyone expected. The Facebook IPO will generate a lot of taxable income for a few thousand Californians.
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GM pulls out of Facebook advertising

May 16, 2012
Just days before Facebook stock trades publicly for the first time, General Motors is giving no official reason for the decision but published reports suggest the ads aren't having the impact GM hoped.
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How to get an early piece of Facebook's IPO

May 15, 2012
As Facebook plans to go public next week, this week individual investors are buying E*Trade accounts because of the rumors they may be able to get in early on the public shares of Facebook stock. How easy is that?
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Many Americans view Facebook as a fad

May 15, 2012
When stocks in the social networking company Facebook finally begin trading on Friday, the company will at that moment be worth a fortune. But that value will only be justified if Facebook makes profits for many years to come; a new poll suggests that about half of Americans think Facebook is a passing fad.
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As Facebook gets pricier, some pros skip IPO

May 15, 2012
Facebook raised its target share price for its IPO amid strong demand. But some professional investors see warning signs and have decided to skip.
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Facebook co-founder renounces U.S. citizenship

May 14, 2012
In letting go of his U.S. citizenship now, Eduardo Saverin will also be able to avoid paying nearly $600 million in U.S. capital gains taxes when Facebook goes public.
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Getting your own slice of the Facebook IPO

May 11, 2012
There's a lot of hype over the upcoming Facebook IPO. We have a reality check and advice for those of you waiting impatiently for its launch.
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Facebook offer: Pay $2 to promote your posts

May 11, 2012
As Facebook looks for new sources of revenue, it targets users who may want more attention and better placement for their posts.
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Are you leaving your Facebook house unlocked?

May 7, 2012
A new report says millions of us are making life easier for thieves and snoops.
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