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A Facebook logo created from pictures of the site's users worldwide.

Facebook hopes you'll like its new search function

Oct 23, 2015
The social media site's new feature lets users search 2 trillion posts.
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Facebook's psychology study under scrutiny

Jul 1, 2014
Was the social network's manipulation of news-feeds for data-gathering ethical?
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We hate Facebook for reminding us it's so powerful

Jun 30, 2014
A research study produces an Internet backlash
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Facebook Timeline can make you share more than you intended

Jan 31, 2012
The new feature is unpopular among nervous users.
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Everyone hates Facebook Timeline

Jan 30, 2012
But everybody's getting it.
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Facebook Timeline is now required

Jan 25, 2012
There is no escape from your poetic self-image!
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Timeline apps (“Timelapps”?)

Jan 19, 2012
Share more, share more, share more...
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New Facebook feature lets you exist at all moments in your life simultaneously

Dec 16, 2011
At first glance, Facebook's Timeline feature just seems to be another in a long series of redesign elements. But upon examination, it reveals itself to be a fundamental shift in how you present yourself to the world.
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Facebook Timeline rolls live globally

Dec 15, 2011
You have one week to edit your life story
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