A Syrian refugee with his child looks for necessary items at the 'Bayernkaserne' in Munich, Germany — a place where donations for migrants and refugees have been collected.

Germany accepts more refugees to the dismay of some

Sep 10, 2015
Cities struggle to keep up with the record number of refugees.
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Austria and Germany allowing refugees and migrants in

Sep 7, 2015
Austria said it planned to end emergency measures, such as random border checks, that have left thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary.
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Migrants and refugees cross the border line between Greece and Macedonia near Gevgelija, Macedonia on Friday. Amid Europe's refugee and migrant crisis, many are asking about the United States' role in the issue.

The US is facing more pressure to take in refugees

Sep 4, 2015
Resettlement is a long process.
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28th November 1945: German refugees after the end of WW II in Europe pass through Hamburg during a snowstorm, dragging carts piled high with their belongings.

The global refugee crisis is the worst since WWII

Sep 3, 2015
Only 1 percent of refugees worldwide end up formally resettled.
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Migrants protest outside a train station in Budapest, Hungary after it was closed to migrants on Tuesday.

Migrant crisis challenging EU identity

Sep 1, 2015
The flood of migrants and refugees is forcing Europeans to question their values.
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Refugee smuggling is a big, bad business

Aug 28, 2015
The networks moving migrants to Europe are highly complex and competitive.
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A European Union flag and the Union Jack hang in front of the European Union's headquarters.

Exit Grexit, enter Brexit. Could the UK quit the EU?

Jul 23, 2015
Many Brits are unhappy with Europe, maybe enough to vote for leaving the union.
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Greece heads to crucial referendum

Jul 3, 2015
Greeks' vote Sunday may determine whether they stay in the eurozone.
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Greece's car dealers prosper amid widespread hardship

Jun 24, 2015
Greeks are betting that a car is a safer option for their money than a bank.
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Strong dollar lures Americans to Europe

Apr 14, 2015
With the dollar creeping up on the euro, Americans are finding bargains in Europe.
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