Air quality advisories becoming standard practice in cities

Aug 3, 2011
During hot, stagnant summer weather, cities face the difficult task of promoting both safety and environmental friendliness.
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The impact of aging coal plants shutting down

Aug 2, 2011
New clean air rules are forcing U.S. coal plants to close. A cause for celebration? Not quite.
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Power and smoke: A nation built on coal

Aug 1, 2011
Coal has shaped America's history, but its power has come at a price. As Americans use more electricity, we keep burning more coal.
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Mosquitoes swamp Florida

Jul 18, 2011
Mosquito control is an essential of life in Florida, but state and local budget cuts are weakening the campaign.
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Australia proposes carbon tax

Jul 11, 2011
Australia's newly proposed carbon tax would be one of the most ambitious carbon plans outside of the European Union. But with the world's biggest polluters unwilling to cap their greenhouse gas emissions, many Australians are rallying against the proposed tax.
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Crews rush to clean up Exxon pipeline spill on Yellowstone River

Jul 5, 2011
Montana's tourism business, and drinking water in cities downstream, are on the line as crews race to clean up oil spill along the Yellowstone River
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Environmentalists, timber industry team up to fight wildfires

Jun 23, 2011
The Wallow Fire is Arizona's largest fire ever. But a new business venture could help pay to protect other forests in the Western U.S.
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The future is... fewer beaches

Jun 16, 2011
Hawaii's famed beaches, like Waikiki, are washing away due to rising sea levels. And managing eroding beaches isn't going to be easy -- or cheap.
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The economics of nuclear waste disposal

Jun 10, 2011
Critics say a new report proves that politics trumped economics in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's decision over the dumping site at Yucca Mountain.
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Paying nature to do its thing

Jun 1, 2011
Beyond beautiful views and nice hikes, nature actually does stuff for us. So how about throwing a little cash its way?
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