Coal plants are making Chicago citizens sick, says report

Oct 21, 2010
A new study shows two old coal plants in Chicago are polluting the air and making people sick. Tony Arnold reports.
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Going "green" can be cutting jobs

Oct 15, 2010
Hotels around the country are urging their customers to "make a green choice" and opt out of daily housekeeping for their rooms. But cutting back on water and electricity might also be cutting back on something else: jobs. Sean Cole reports.
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Green v. Green : Environment v. Sales

Oct 5, 2010
This final note today. A lesson in how going green can come with some corporate pitfalls. Frito Lay announced today it's getting rid of the plant...
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Geoengineering: A way to cool earth

Oct 5, 2010
International negotiations on global warming are stalled and Congress has no appetite for legislation. There is one more way to cool the planet, but it's controversial. Later this month, a congressional committee will issue a report on something called geoengineering. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains.
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The environmental costs of big firms

Oct 5, 2010
A new report measures the environmental impact of the world's 3,000 largest companies, and how much that impact costs investors. It was commissioned by a United Nations program for responsible investing. Reporter Eve Troeh talks with Bill Radke about what the report reveals.
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Tracking, and reducing, energy consumption at home

Sep 30, 2010
The first step to reducing your home's energy consumption is knowing how much you use in the first place. Utility companies are offering online tracking software and tools that can help, but some have yet to see the benefits.
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NASA helps map air pollution from space

Sep 24, 2010
Air pollution has been a killer since the dawn of the industrial age, yet until recently scientists didn't know how dirty the air was in most of the world. New maps from satellite images and computer modeling are finally giving researchers a clearer view of this global problem.
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Debating the need for petroleum subsidies

Sep 22, 2010
Without these federal fossil fuel tax breaks, the oil industry may not have taken off as it did. But a century later, some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy.
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"Green" beauty products are in demand

Sep 8, 2010
Beauty is pain -- and sometimes harsh chemicals. But more beauty products in the market are coming out with "green" and "eco-friendly" formulas -- although how green they are depends how the company defines those words.
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Which is better for the environment, an e-reader or paper books?

Sep 7, 2010
Easy Answer: It depends on how much you read and where you get your paper books....
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