Would small-biz tax credit work?

Jan 29, 2010
President Obama is calling for a tax credit that would pay small businesses $5,000 for every net new employee hired this year. Jeremy Hobson reports on whether the plan might work to increase employment.
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Helping banks get back to the basics

Dec 23, 2009
Many small businesses' growth is on hold because banks aren't lending to them. Banks aren't lending because so many small business owners now have bad credit scores. How to end the stand-off? One lender may have found a way. Rob Schmitz reports.
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Small biz can't scrimp on customer gifts

Dec 18, 2009
For many small businesses, giving thank-you gifts to customers around the holidays is a marketing must. But how can you gracefully continue this tradition while scaling back on employee bonuses? Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Korean barbecue by the truckload

Nov 26, 2009
Ever since Kogi Korean BBQ-to-Go put its meals on wheels, lines have been forming wherever its truck is parked in greater Los Angeles. Its most loyal customers follow Twitter updates to find the next stop. Brendan Newnam reports.
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Trade groups pulling out of Chicago

Nov 20, 2009
Chicago is a hub for trade shows, conventions and meetings. But recently, some trade groups have announced they're leaving town for more affordable destinations like Orlando and Las Vegas. Susie An reports.
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Can Treasury, SBA help small business?

Nov 18, 2009
The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration are working on ways to get money flowing to small businesses. SBA assistance could run into pitfalls as problems continue to loom. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Goldman wants to help small business

Nov 18, 2009
Goldman Sachs has announced a half-billion dollar initiative to help small businesses in the U.S. Is this a PR move to compensate for mistakes the company said it made during the credit crisis? Bill Radke talks to Alisa Roth.
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How the government can develop jobs

Nov 12, 2009
Next month, President Obama will host an employment summit at the White House to find new ways to get Americans back to work. Steve Henn talks to experts and explores how the administration might be able to do this successfully.
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Software prices tickets for best value

Oct 29, 2009
Barry Kahn, co-founder of Qcue, talks with Bill Radke about his software, which adjusts prices for entertainment-event tickets based on changing factors in the market.
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Buying your own business online

Oct 23, 2009
If you're one of the many people out of work, starting your own business may have crossed your mind. As it turns out, the Web can help you do that. Eve Troeh reports.
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